Fraser Island Tour Package

Fraser Island


4 participants $620.00 per person

3 participants $696.00 per person

2 participants $999.00 per person

1 participant $1998.00


4 participants $793.00 per person

3 participants $967.00 per person

2 participants $1361.00 per person

1 participant $2632.00


4 participants $1003.00 per person

3 participants $1222.00 per person

2 participants $1660.00 per person

1 participant $3291.00

These costs include all hotel accommodation, GST, fees, permits, ocean barge crossing, 4WD travel including pick up and drop off from the Gold Coast, Brisbane or Sunshine Coast airports and hotels. The FraserIsland packages do not included is food, drinks, or whale watching boat trips when in season. Although the luxury Isuzu MUX 4WD can carry seven passengers, Brian offers Fraser Island travel packages that will only take a maximum of four passengers to make more room for luggage.

Owing to its geographical position, goods and services at Fraser Island are quite expensive. There are no roads, so everything has to be transported by 4WD trucks and ocean going barges.

Of the personalized tours, Brian’s is by far the cheapest and the only one specializing in photography.

Occasionally there are three day photographic workshops on Fraser Island which include only a one day tour of the island in the Fraser Island tour package, but they cost considerably more than Brian’s tours and do not include transfers from Gold Coast or Brisbane.

Brian’s main aim is to provide the best FraserIsland package deals that give you the opportunity to discover and record this island paradise as economically as possible without foregoing comfort.

NOTE: If you were to hire a long wheel base 4WD, add fuel costs and insurance, the same trip would most likely cost you more. Also you would not have an experienced driver and guide like Brian who knows how to find the right places in the right light to get that perfect shot! Driving on Fraser Island requires great skill and experience. Unfortunately accidents involving hire vehicles are all too frequent.

In the picture below, note the driver urging people back onto the bus. Note also the photographer desperately trying to get that shot! Bus tours are cheaper, but they have schedules to keep and no time to wait for you to get that shot. They also only stop at scheduled stops. On Brian’s tour you can stop wherever you like and for as long as you like whether it be to take a photo, to take a swim or a leisurely picnic lunch.

Gold Coast Hinterland

Full Day Tour

6 people $60.00 each

   5 people $70.00 each

      4 people $88.00 each

      3 people $117.00 each

 2 people $175 each

  1 person $350.00

There are no set tours. Depending on what your interests are, rainforests, waterfalls etc, a tour is arranged accordingly. You are picked up and returned to your hotel. Each day is up to  8 hours depending on your availability. You will need good walking shoes a camera, a tripod or monopod and a water bottle.

Check out what our client says about us

“Fraser Island is indeed Paradise. What a wonderful week, one of the most memorable on record. And of course I have a wonderful record……..thanks Brian”

Tom Burbridge Blackheath, NSW

“It was certainly worthwhile lying on the wet sand to get that low angle. Glad you advised to bring old clothes…………great trip”

Gail Sinclair Robina, QLD

“Lots of laughs, good food and wine, great company, a very economical way to see one of the world’s treasures. Much better than a large tour. Oh! And great photographs too.”

Harry Bedford Killara, NSW

“Thank you for your patience and understanding and teaching me RAW and manual photography. I loved the beach sunrise trips before breakfast”

Helga Munich, Germany

“A magnificent adventure, so very rewarding. Henri received very good pictures and I enjoyed the good views and champagne on sunset beach.”

Claudia and Henri Flers, France