Fraser Island

Your photography tour to Fraser Island begins with a  3 hour drive north of Brisbane. If the tides will permit we turn off the highway at Noosa, cross the river by ferry at Tewantin and travel along a magnificent surf beach to Double Island Point. A detour is made around the point through the cool and dark rainforest to reach Rainbow Beach, famous for its high cliffs of coloured sands. Another short drive up the beach takes us to Inskip Point where we catch the ocean going barge to Fraser Island. Then the second adventure begins!

As soon as we leave the barge and travel north along 75 Mile Beach you realise just how big the island is. It is the world’s largest sand island, some 124 km in length and 168,000 hectares in area. A photographer’s paradise as soon you will discover when you record its wondrous beauty, and come to understand why it has earned its world heritage title. The traditional owners, the Butchulla people, called the island K’Gari (Paradise) some 5,500 years ago. Its present name came after the shipwreck of the “Stirling Castle” in 1836 and the notorious adventures of Elisa Fraser.

There is no better way to start each day by photographing the sunrise at the Maheno wreck a short drive up the beach in the dark, tides permitting or sunrise on the beach, just a 2 minute walk from your hotel room. It is awe inspiring and you can’t help but spend the rest of the day smiling. Then off to explore and photograph the endless expanse of surf beaches with their high dunes and coloured sand cliffs. The many creeks that flow over the beach towards the sea, exposing multi coloured sands rich in mineral. The beautiful crystal clear waters of the numerous perched lakes. The stark sandblows that slowly and silently engulf the forest creating landscapes of wooden monuments. The fauna and flora of magnificent rainforests with their age old ferns and plants, that each day compete for a few minutes of sunlight. The magnificent eucalypt forests that remarkably soar forever skywards straight and tall out of the sand is a sight to be believed. And if you are visiting between August and November humpback whales visit with their newborn and great shots are guaranteed.

There are plenty of opportunities to put the camera away and enjoy a swim in either the surf or the still fresh water of a perched lake.

Accommodation is in two bedroom apartments at . You have your own room with en-suite and share a lounge room and kitchen. A full hot breakfast or a continental breakfast can be obtained at the Satinay Bar and Bistro 200 metres up the road. A a la carte dinner is also obtained At the Satinay bar each evening. A picnic lunch is enjoyed each day in a different picturesque setting.

Brian Morris is a retired television documentary Producer/Director. He is the winner of 22 national and international awards including a TV Week Logie and a United Nations Media Peace Prize. His career has taken him around Australia many times which enabled him to become a highly proficient driver of a 4WD. He has traversed the notorious Simpson Desert three times, but finds the ever shifting sands of Fraser Island a constant challenge and demand of his skills.

Owing to its geographical position goods and services at Fraser Island are quite expensive. Everything has to be transported by 4WD and ocean going barges. However to make your tour very affordable, Brian is only taking a very small remuneration for his invaluable time, and to cover 4WD maintenance costs. He makes no profit, but gets great enjoyment in giving you the opportunity to discover and record this magnificent paradise as economically as possible without forgoing comfort. He has been visiting the island for more than thirty years and always loves the opportunity to return to this island paradise.

The Fraser Island 5 day tour (recommended) starts each Monday morning at any pick up point between the Gold Coast and Rainbow Beach and concludes at a destination of your choice on Friday evening. Times are flexible to suit your schedule. Four and Three day tours are arranged to suit your schedule, however many regret not taking the longer tour, as there is so much to see and do.

The tide also dictates times of travel on the eastern side as many places are only accessible two hours after high tide. This frequently interferes with the three day tour.

Occasionly there are three day weekend tours for those that can only make it then, but weekdays are more suitable as there are fewer people on the island. There are no scheduled tours during the Australian School holidays as the island can get rather overcrowded. However if you can only make it during a school holiday, a tour can be organised if plenty of notice is given. As accommodation is more expensive a 10% surcharge is added.

For further information on what to wear, what to bring etc. Please contact us at

Check out what our client says about us

“Fraser Island is indeed Paradise. What a wonderful week, one of the most memorable on record. And of course I have a wonderful record……..thanks Brian”

Tom Burbridge Blackheath, NSW

“It was certainly worthwhile lying on the wet sand to get that low angle. Glad you advised to bring old clothes…………great trip”

Gail Sinclair Robina, QLD

“Lots of laughs, good food and wine, great company, a very economical way to see one of the world’s treasures. Much better than a large tour. Oh! And great photographs too.”

Harry Bedford Killara, NSW

“Thank you for your patience and understanding and teaching me RAW and manual photography. I loved the beach sunrise trips before breakfast”

Helga Munich, Germany

“A magnificent adventure, so very rewarding. Henri received very good pictures and I enjoyed the good views and champagne on sunset beach.”

Claudia and Henri Flers, France